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The Purpose Of Working

A person has to work at least 40 hours a week, and an average of 35 years of work in his life. In other words, apart from sleeping, the one that takes up your most time is work. But what are we working for? Besides making money, what’s the aim of working? How can I fall for what I am doing? This article is worth your 5 minutes to read in details.

When you left the crowded university and send out your resume to get a job offer. After working for a period of time, you were confused, and keep asking: What is the meaning of my job?

The Meaning of Your Job

Most people are just as follows: exchange money with the boss with youth, physical strength and intelligence, accumulate capital to a certain level, complete a series of actions such as buying a house, buying a car, marrying a wife and having children, and moving forward as fast as a movie, and then it will be natural to support your children to go to school. To complete a series of your life, but you have a bigger vision and a longer-term vision than your parents.

The standard of living has been better than your parents. It’s just that people have reached middle age, looking back on the first half of their lives, regrets are still in their hearts: If I was as good as I was back then, I can…

“Going to work and work are completely different things” first of all need to make a clear point: “Going to work” and “work” are completely different things. Most people say that they “do not want to go to work”, but it is not that they “do not want to work”. “Going to work” is a kind of “commercial transaction” between an individual and a company. If the company pays to purchase your working time, you must follow the company’s rules and regulations and go to the specified place to do the specified things at the specified time. And “work” is one of the means for a person to settle down or realize self-worth. In short: going to work is doing things for others, and working is for yourself.

Make Your Own Choice

When you have more money, you have more choices. When you know what you really want, you will no longer face choices and you can make decision directly! Life is short. You should have a job that can give you a sense of personal mission. Don’t let your company, team, or boss decide for you. In this matter, you must define and implement it yourself.

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Coffee: Pros & Cons

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you know the pros and cons of coffee? Here we are today to share you some lifestyle news about coffee.

Benefits of Coffee

Enhance Physical Performance

Take a cup of black coffee before you start your workout can help you increase your physical performance by 11-12%. Adrenaline hormone able to help you to get ready for physical exertion.

Fat Burning

Caffeine in coffee are able to break down your body fats and use it as energy for training.

Stay Fresh, Focus and Alert

Take 1 to 4 cups of coffee a day during your work or study, can help you to be more focus and enhance your mental alertness.

Downside of Coffee

Poor Coffee Can Be Toxic

There might have a lot of impurities in the bad coffee, that may cause you sickness such as nausea, headache or some uncomfortable feelings. Hence, if you consume coffee that made by bad coffee beans, it will harm your health.

No Coffee If You Are Pregnant

Reduce the amount of coffee intake or don’t drink coffee if you are pregnant. This is because your baby is highly sensitive to caffeine, caffeine from coffee will reach to the fetus.

Causing Insomnia Or Restless

The maximum amount of caffeine is 400 milligrams, which equivalent to 4 cups of coffee. Just be aware if you are caffeine sensitive. Try to control the amount of coffee you consume.

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