Everyone must have some old mobile phones that are left unused at home, which is a pity to lose. At this time, we can choose to trade in or put it on some second-hand platforms to sell.

Today I will share with you this old mobile phone acquisition platform which is InstaCash.

InstaCash - Sell used Phone - Apps on Google Play

Instacash is the first Trade in mobile application in Malaysia, launched by CompAsia Co. Ltd. to provide one-stop acquisition services. They accept mobile phones of different brands and models, even broken or defective mobile phones! The operation method is also very simple. First, download the “instacash” app on the mobile phone to be sold, and then complete the steps of mobile phone valuation according to the instructions and finally you will get a rough estimate of the mobile phone. If you think the price is reasonable, you can make an appointment to pick up your mobile phone.