Don’t Know How to Design Home Screen after updated to iOS 14? I believe that there are many people already updated their Apple phone to the latest iOS 14 system. This update is the largest change for the Home Screen in history. Users can customize their home screen layout according to their own preference and style. However, some might have no idea on the design they way in the home screen. Hence, the following are some of the free application you can download in order to help you set up a better home screen!

Add Widget method: long press any App >> Edit Home Screen >> press the “+” sign on the upper left >> select the Widget you want >> press Add Widget, you can adjust the position when the Widget appears on the Home Screen.

Color Widgets

There are more than 100 style of widgets you can choose from. From this App, you can customize the fonts, colour, themes and more. Design your ideal widgets now for your home screen today!


This App is a collection of weather, time, calendar, etc. If it works with the iPhone’s built-in Health App, it can also display your walking, standing, and physical activity that day. In addition, you can also set what information the Widget displays during what time period, for instance the morning time will display the weather of the day, the working time will display the calendar, and the off-duty time will display your accumulated exercise volume for the day, which is very useful and practical.

Motivation – Daily Quotes

There are a large number of English quotes in this App. You can change the type of quotes according to the theme you want. In addition to looking good on the desktop, you can also get yourself some positive vibes everyday!

Photo Widget: Simple

In addition to the above several practical Widgets App, if you want to make your desktop more beautiful, you can download this Photo Widget. There are 3 sizes of Widgets to choose from, and you can also customize the photos inside. This is so creative!

Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur!

When the Internet is disconnected, the little dinosaur game on Google can be played at any time on the Home Screen. In addition to the little dinosaur, there are several mini games to choose from. Very interesting App!