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One-stop Old mobile phone Acquisition Platform 2020

Everyone must have some old mobile phones that are left unused at home, which is a pity to lose. At this time, we can choose to trade in or put it on some second-hand platforms to sell.

Today I will share with you this old mobile phone acquisition platform which is InstaCash.

InstaCash - Sell used Phone - Apps on Google Play

Instacash is the first Trade in mobile application in Malaysia, launched by CompAsia Co. Ltd. to provide one-stop acquisition services. They accept mobile phones of different brands and models, even broken or defective mobile phones! The operation method is also very simple. First, download the “instacash” app on the mobile phone to be sold, and then complete the steps of mobile phone valuation according to the instructions and finally you will get a rough estimate of the mobile phone. If you think the price is reasonable, you can make an appointment to pick up your mobile phone.

Make Money Online 2020

In Cashbadvance, we are going to share with you the latest method to earn money online in 2020. We will introduces ways to make money online, shares mobile money-making software, and recommends websites that make money by playing games now. It aims to help friends learn online earning skills, how to earn money from mobile games, etc., and provide a good project to make money at home and part-time at home for the majority of Internet enthusiasts, college students and white-collar workers.

Play In Online Casino Websites

If you are looking for platform that allows you to earn extra hustle, play online casino games might be a great choice for you. You can place your wager on the games you like such as Poker, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Slot Machine Games, 4D Lottery, and more. Sign up your account and redeem your casino bonus today!

Selling Items In Online Market

One way to make money online is to sell second-hand items online. In fact, there are many market such as: Amazon, Bonanza, eBay, that you can get on the Internet, allowing you to post and buy. All kinds of second-hand items at home, such as books, DVDs, clothing, handmade goods and other things you can think of, can be sold online!

Publish e-Book Online

If you like writing, you can also publish online and earn manuscript fees. This is even simpler than self-financing publishing! In the process of searching for online publishers, everyone must pay more attention to avoid falling into the trap set by illegal people. The safest thing to do is to take a look at what everyone says about them.

Best Online Sports Betting Site

If you’re already in the industry, you might be looking for ways to make your firm one of the best online sports betting sites. Staying ahead of the competition in the flooded market can be quite challenging; especially with new companies being born every now and then. The procedure of forming a sports betting company, in itself, can be costly and one that requires a number of licensing and approvals by various authorities.

Tips To Be The Best Online Sports Betting Site

If you’ve come this far, from launching a responsive website to registering a few customers; you’re in the right track. Below are some tips on how you can flip that creativity switch to make your company the best online sports betting site in town.

1. Have A Strategy And Stick With It

When you’re starting over, you don’t need to publish all the sports genres on the website. Start with what your targeted audience love and those sports they are more conversant with. Device a plan that will see you remain relevant in the market even if there’s little to celebrate. A simple strategy that minimizes cost boosts marketing and drive leads is your strongest asset.

2. Compete With The Best Online Sports Betting Sites

To succeed in this business, you want to compete with the top players who are enjoying a global market share and not the upcoming ones. By setting your company’s standards high, you can easily attract more customers who value the high status and of course the quality services. This doesn’t, however, mean you should strain yourself financially for the sake of high status and the sort. Work yourself and your company through the process and enjoy every bit of success as you claim higher positions, one at a time. Meanwhile, you should be competing favorably with the big companies in terms of how they offer their services and not necessarily what they offer.

3. Mind The Marketing Techniques

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of marketing in business. Without sales, there’s no revenue, no money to pay creditors, no profits, no running capital, no nothing! If you have a solid marketing strategy that will boost your company’s online presence and introduce it to potential customers; success is not unattainable. At times you’ll be forced to use guerilla advertising skills to poach potential customers, and it will be wise to give it a try. Some of these tactics include; adult website ads, endorsements from celebrities, and partnering with large firms which accept ads from sports betting companies.

4. Study The Market And Have Your Selling Point

Almost every successful product came into the market to solve a given problem. The same goes for sports betting sites. To source an idea, randomly pick a number of the best online sports betting sites and analyze their strong selling points. Do some research and come up with a solution to an unsolved issue. It could be anything from the live betting features to depositing or even withdrawing money.


Being successful in every business set up means putting in efforts every single day. The dream to run the best online sports betting site starts from somewhere. Keeping your mind open and exploring beyond the dimensions of your rather, limiting thoughts will not only guarantee results but also expose you to the real world of opportunities.

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5 Free App For iOS 14 Home Screen

Don’t Know How to Design Home Screen after updated to iOS 14? I believe that there are many people already updated their Apple phone to the latest iOS 14 system. This update is the largest change for the Home Screen in history. Users can customize their home screen layout according to their own preference and style. However, some might have no idea on the design they way in the home screen. Hence, the following are some of the free application you can download in order to help you set up a better home screen!

Add Widget method: long press any App >> Edit Home Screen >> press the “+” sign on the upper left >> select the Widget you want >> press Add Widget, you can adjust the position when the Widget appears on the Home Screen.

Color Widgets

There are more than 100 style of widgets you can choose from. From this App, you can customize the fonts, colour, themes and more. Design your ideal widgets now for your home screen today!


This App is a collection of weather, time, calendar, etc. If it works with the iPhone’s built-in Health App, it can also display your walking, standing, and physical activity that day. In addition, you can also set what information the Widget displays during what time period, for instance the morning time will display the weather of the day, the working time will display the calendar, and the off-duty time will display your accumulated exercise volume for the day, which is very useful and practical.

Motivation – Daily Quotes

There are a large number of English quotes in this App. You can change the type of quotes according to the theme you want. In addition to looking good on the desktop, you can also get yourself some positive vibes everyday!

Photo Widget: Simple

In addition to the above several practical Widgets App, if you want to make your desktop more beautiful, you can download this Photo Widget. There are 3 sizes of Widgets to choose from, and you can also customize the photos inside. This is so creative!

Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur!

When the Internet is disconnected, the little dinosaur game on Google can be played at any time on the Home Screen. In addition to the little dinosaur, there are several mini games to choose from. Very interesting App!

Top 3 New Instagram GIF

Unlock the new Instagram GIF here! We are sharing you the fresh-style animated sticker to make your IG Story more attractive! Instagram’s functions are becoming more and more diversified and interesting. Among them, IG Story is the dynamics and widely loved by the public, there are also many different filters and GIF animations, allowing users to use their creativity to design their own stories, and there are more and more choices of GIFs you can find on the internet. The following is the selection of top 3 useful GIF animation keywords, all of which can be used in daily IG Story!


In vk19, the graphic design and the handwriting style of the sentences are suitable for small and fresh literary style routes. Occasionally add some fresh elements to your IG Story GIF with this keyword is decent! The following is some of the example of the GIF.


With this keyword, thepaperbunny, as its name suggests, its hand-painted interesting GIF artwork also tends to be lazy and comfortable, and it is for using this GIF when posting a leisurely IG Story!


If you like blue, you will like the GIF from erikatearcher! Search the keyword now and explore this sticker.

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Benefits of Mobile Betting

A punter who uses any portable device (i.e., tablets and laptops), which are used to place bets online is considered to be a user. It just so happened that smartphones are the one commonly used by bettors. The advancement of technology helps sports bettors have the convenience to place their bets anywhere. Here are the reasons why people are switching to mobile betting.

Mobile Betting Pros

There are several advantages that mobile betting offers. One of this is allowing you to place bets anytime you want and in real time. As long as you have a secure online connection, you can always place a bet. Although you can do this with your laptops and tablets, using your mobile phone is the more preferred device since this is very handy.

In the earlier days, such concepts can only materialize with the use of heavy desktops and laptops. These gadgets are often linked with comfort and convenience.

Aside from the convenience, it also protects your privacy. If you want to be discreet in your activities, you can always resort to this method instead of being afraid that there is possibility that someone might discover your little secret.

Since many bookies have already developed their own mobile application and programs, you can just download them. These apps make your betting experience more convenient and more secured.

Bet using mobile devices also ensures that you are updated. Nowadays, it is easy to get a notice about changes in betting odds, match cancelations etc. The mobile betting apps will automatically give a prompt if the above-mentioned changes occur and you can easily do something about it.

If the current benefits of mobile betting excite you, well, you better prepare for more. As mentioned, you should expect for more changes in this arena. Moreover, when technological innovations happen, expect it to work for the better.

Playing online casino games on mobile is the easiest way to place bets. Because every person uses the mobile phone and by using mobile devices you don’t have to go anywhere, you can place bets online anytime. You just need to register an account to start betting and also, watch live scores and live games.


There are several advantages that tempted people to play betting on mobile. Find a suitable mobile casino site that provides you a user-friendly mobile betting site. Enjoy betting by using mobile devices and make some money!

The Purpose Of Working

A person has to work at least 40 hours a week, and an average of 35 years of work in his life. In other words, apart from sleeping, the one that takes up your most time is work. But what are we working for? Besides making money, what’s the aim of working? How can I fall for what I am doing? This article is worth your 5 minutes to read in details.

When you left the crowded university and send out your resume to get a job offer. After working for a period of time, you were confused, and keep asking: What is the meaning of my job?

The Meaning of Your Job

Most people are just as follows: exchange money with the boss with youth, physical strength and intelligence, accumulate capital to a certain level, complete a series of actions such as buying a house, buying a car, marrying a wife and having children, and moving forward as fast as a movie, and then it will be natural to support your children to go to school. To complete a series of your life, but you have a bigger vision and a longer-term vision than your parents.

The standard of living has been better than your parents. It’s just that people have reached middle age, looking back on the first half of their lives, regrets are still in their hearts: If I was as good as I was back then, I can…

“Going to work and work are completely different things” first of all need to make a clear point: “Going to work” and “work” are completely different things. Most people say that they “do not want to go to work”, but it is not that they “do not want to work”. “Going to work” is a kind of “commercial transaction” between an individual and a company. If the company pays to purchase your working time, you must follow the company’s rules and regulations and go to the specified place to do the specified things at the specified time. And “work” is one of the means for a person to settle down or realize self-worth. In short: going to work is doing things for others, and working is for yourself.

Make Your Own Choice

When you have more money, you have more choices. When you know what you really want, you will no longer face choices and you can make decision directly! Life is short. You should have a job that can give you a sense of personal mission. Don’t let your company, team, or boss decide for you. In this matter, you must define and implement it yourself.

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Coffee: Pros & Cons

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you know the pros and cons of coffee? Here we are today to share you some lifestyle news about coffee.

Benefits of Coffee

Enhance Physical Performance

Take a cup of black coffee before you start your workout can help you increase your physical performance by 11-12%. Adrenaline hormone able to help you to get ready for physical exertion.

Fat Burning

Caffeine in coffee are able to break down your body fats and use it as energy for training.

Stay Fresh, Focus and Alert

Take 1 to 4 cups of coffee a day during your work or study, can help you to be more focus and enhance your mental alertness.

Downside of Coffee

Poor Coffee Can Be Toxic

There might have a lot of impurities in the bad coffee, that may cause you sickness such as nausea, headache or some uncomfortable feelings. Hence, if you consume coffee that made by bad coffee beans, it will harm your health.

No Coffee If You Are Pregnant

Reduce the amount of coffee intake or don’t drink coffee if you are pregnant. This is because your baby is highly sensitive to caffeine, caffeine from coffee will reach to the fetus.

Causing Insomnia Or Restless

The maximum amount of caffeine is 400 milligrams, which equivalent to 4 cups of coffee. Just be aware if you are caffeine sensitive. Try to control the amount of coffee you consume.

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