Unlock the new Instagram GIF here! We are sharing you the fresh-style animated sticker to make your IG Story more attractive! Instagram’s functions are becoming more and more diversified and interesting. Among them, IG Story is the dynamics and widely loved by the public, there are also many different filters and GIF animations, allowing users to use their creativity to design their own stories, and there are more and more choices of GIFs you can find on the internet. The following is the selection of top 3 useful GIF animation keywords, all of which can be used in daily IG Story!


In vk19, the graphic design and the handwriting style of the sentences are suitable for small and fresh literary style routes. Occasionally add some fresh elements to your IG Story GIF with this keyword is decent! The following is some of the example of the GIF.


With this keyword, thepaperbunny, as its name suggests, its hand-painted interesting GIF artwork also tends to be lazy and comfortable, and it is for using this GIF when posting a leisurely IG Story!


If you like blue, you will like the GIF from erikatearcher! Search the keyword now and explore this sticker.

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